In this scenario, handlers left dog at designated spot. They were then escorted INTO the
room at the base of the windmill. What followed really undid several dogs! The door opened, and food was dropped in front of the dog. Just a hand came out to deliver the food. Right out of the room where handler had just entered.

At the Three Little Pigs trial in NM, one of the lovely pigs delivered food from her basket.

Refusal of Food

Points: Level I 5 points Level II & III 10 points

Description of the exercise

In Level II and III, six different kinds of food, chosen by the Judge, are placed on the ground. In Level I, nothing is placed on the ground. It is forbidden to place food closer than 5 m to the small pieces of wood during the Search for Object exercise. The same applies in the 2 m circle during the Guard of an Object exercise. The Refusal of Food is an exercise, which cannot be executed during another exercise.

Account of the exercise

In Level I, only one piece of food is thrown during the obedience exercises, at the place and moment chosen by the Judge. In Level II and III, two pieces are thrown or presented (at the same time or separately). The food must be the same for all dogs.
The goal is not to set up the dog deliberately, so do not place the food in the work zones, landing area of the jumps, start line of send away.

From Instructions Common to All Exercises:

Food must be varied and of a reasonable size (maximum of fist-size). It will consist of raw or cooked meat, bone, fish head, cheese, dried cake, sugar, etc.

This exercise, like the Absence, can vary greatly between trials. Some have a straight forward set up with food delivered and no real complications. Other times, it is delivered during the check in. There are, however, judges that really enjoy setting up a challenge for this exercise. It can sometimes depend on whether the trial is very large, and time is a factor.


Level I Level II & III
Dog licks, eats, or takes food in its mouth (either thrown or on the ground) -5 -10
Dog moves when food is thrown (per meter) -1 -1
Handler breaks in or interferes -5 -10
Dog moves during the throwing of the food: 1 point per meter, up to 3 meters; beyond that :0
Moving upon the handler’s return: at the discretion of the Judge -2 -2