June 20-21 2020

Theme: Summer Fun
Judge: Dave Kroyer
Decoys: Kevin Bain/George Manley


Sociability Test:
MR1, MR2, MR3:

Registration closes on Wednesday 06/17/20


Send PayPal payment via “Send to friends and family in the US” option to lsmondio@gmail.com.
In the “Add a note” field, please include your name, dog’s name, title or cert you are paying for, and the day(s) you wish to compete on.
Example: Jim, Biene, obj, sat.


This trial was scheduled for April. Entries filled for that date, with a restricted number of entries due to heat.  The entries remain the same. If you were on the waiting list, you still are. If you would like to be on waiting list, contact: Ann Putegnat, annwp3@yahoo.com

The Sunday date is tentative. Decision will be made on Saturday as to whether Sunday trial will take place. Entries from Saturday are only persons that will be considered for Sunday competition.

Trial Schedule



Open Field
(No bitework during open field)


Field Closed
Field Closed for Set up
Sat & Sun
Trial Days

Start Time: Daybreak, probably 6:30 AM

Chein Blanc